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Coding malware for fun and profit - 2009-03-17 - Author: caesar2k
A lot of areas can give you either fun and profit, like hacking or cracking. Hacking can be really profitable depending on the targets you've chosen for the attacks. You can either partner with the attacked website, and be hired, or you can get the data, and sell it. Doesn't matter really, it's always fun and profitable.

But what about the malware coding? Can it be really profitable? Yes, it can, even with open sourced projects.
You can see a lot of low quality releases of trojans lately, and people building retail websites just to sell their piece of (software). You see, there's a lot of people out there, that doesn't code, but have an idea on how to spy on his girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband, steal hotmail passwords, and such. What they do is to quickly search Google on hacking tools, and they get the ready-to-use wonders, that we are used to call trojans. Even though the most hard work of the programmer doesn't really become apparent through the GUI of the client, or the server builder, the developer still gets credit. An example would be NR, having nearly 100k+ lines of code, both client and server, but most people doesn't realize it's a "full of hard work" program. But, even that the user doesn't realize that it's such a huge program inside, they can still see it's usefulness. Your work gets credited, and the word is spread. People post about it in forums, twitter, social bookmarks. You can't sell the product for yourself, offering to random people, people must see it working, and get the grip on it before spreading the word, they will get to you, and ask for it.

I'm in no way doing propaganda here. I've met a lot of good coders in these years, and I can't seem to find quality anymore. We had great programs coded, like Bifrost from ksv (which is pretty stable so far) and lately, Spy-Net trojan (from a brazilian guy as well). Some came too, like Poison Ivy, with some nice features, like the ridiculously small server, and everything managed in memory.

So what is this article about? It's about encouraging good and talented coders to create real state-of-art malware for public usage. If you check the website MegaSecurity, they get like tens of releases everyday, but you don't seem to find good ones, that will actually help you, that you'll feel confortable using, that won't be lacking feature X or Y. Even though I wish I had enough time to implement 5 great ideas I have in mind in NR, I don't seem to have time lately. Real life is a bitch and is always bitting you where it hurts.

Good, stable and reliably coded trojans could be even hosted here in NWC, if you think you deserve it. Might take me sometime to test it, if you send a link, but I will eventually get down to it. It's almost an "Malware Idol" contest, wanting to see new malware diamonds that are being coded today!
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