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Extracting Multiple Embedded Objects from MS Word - 2009-02-22 - Author: Princeali
U can download nwccpy.exe from [[[ Here ]]]

Microsoft Word leaks the ability to Extract multiple embedded objects at the same time , and many sensitive data files gets corrupted when u drag them out of the documents they were embedded in.
i had to make a solution when i was helping a friend of mine who have accidentally copied his phone contacts vcf files into a word documents instead of copying them into a folder on his hard drive.

The Problem :

-You Can't Select multiple Object in MS Word
-dragging and droping the VCF File corrupts it .

Solution :

The Solution is formed of 3 easy Steps :

I) Add the following Macro Script to ur word Document

Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Sub RunMe()

For Each obj In ActiveDocument.InlineShapes
Set objole = obj.OLEFormat
objole.DoVerb (wdOLEVerbShow)

End Sub

II) Make the Application nwccpy.exe the default application used for opening the Embedded Files extensions , to do so do the following :

1)drag 1 of the objects from word to to ur hard drive
2)go to its properties (right click > properties)
3)click on "Change" Button , and Select nwccpy.exe

III)Run the macro script and wait untils its done working

When its done working , u will find the extracted files in a Folder called "Extracted Objects" , in nwccpy.exe directory .

Note : Vista users make sure to put nwccpy.exe in a writable folder , or to give it admin permissions

U can download nwccpy.exe from [[[ Here ]]]

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