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All the private Software you buy from me supports all OS including Vista , Seven , and all the products are 64 bits Compatible and 100 % undetected from all antivirus


All my programs are available for undetectable version selling, when buying an undetected copy you get a unique modified version, prices varies from a program to another , the products you buy are new editions of the tools which were never released , i have a long list of private projects .

Unreleased Products

Bandook v 1.6

Bandook has been under private developement for years now , and is available for sale , it contains many improvement and new features , its totaly different from the old edition available on site ,
it contain many changes like Vista , windows 7 Support, 64bits Compatibility , Unicode support , Multi Language interface , network manager , ports monitor , Certificate manager , polymorphic plugin , minimized windows capture , bluetooth notification , IE Form Grabber , Firefox Grabber , Smart Video Recorder , Live Camera , thumbnails , remote delivery for logs , pws , and a long list of additions and fixes .

Ramona Web Rat

Ramona is a full featured remote administration tool which has a Web Interface (PHP + Ajax) , it allow u controling your victims from any browser on windows , linux , even on mobile , ramona have all the features u find in a normal rat like File manager , Screen manager , process manager , windows manager , passwords , keylogger , form graber , and more , its very easy to use and has a nice interface , supports windows seven and 64 bits

Atlas Keylogger v1.1

  • 100 % Undetected From all Antivirus
  • 100 % Clean HTML logs
  • Unicode Support (Chinese , arabic , etc ...)
  • Protected Password Storage Stealer (IE,Firefox,Chrome,Safari,Outlook,Windows live mail,Windows Live Messenger)
  • IE and Firefox Form Graber
  • Clipboard Fetcher
  • Firewall Bypass
  • Delivery to Email via HTTP (using a script) , so it dont require SMTP
  • Small Size
  • supports all OS including Windows 7
  • 64 bits compatible

Special Binder 20

  • Unlimited Files binding
  • All types Supported
  • good encryption
  • Icon changing
  • 3 Stubs : (Normal Stub , CPL Stub , Polymorphic Stub)

Custom Projects

I am open for all custom projects types, custom projects are done either in Delphi or in C++ depend on what is suitable for the project, prices differs depending on the project you can also get the source code of the project for an extra price.
Examples of customs done: PHP Controled RAT, FWB++ Irc Bots, Uploaders, Full/ Mini rats, Keyloggers, Anonym Remote Controled Emailer, ect.
Contact me on for prices / orders .

Payment Methods Accepted

  1. Western Union
  2. Money Gram
  3. Wire bank Transfers
  4. Liberty Resrve
  5. WebMoney