Bandook 3.0 , Private Copies Available posted by Princeali on November 5th 2016
Bandook is currently at version 3.0 with many additions working on all OS and is available as private copies , aside with many private projects ,dont hesitate contacting me for more info at
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Instant Password Stealer Released posted by Princeali on April 10th 2012
Hey guys , i just released a password stealing utility which grabs passwords out of latest IE , Firefox , Chrome , Safari , Outlook , Windows Live Mail , Windows Live Messenger and others and send directly to ur email , the tool supports Win7 and is 64bits compatible , also note Bandook v1.6 is available as Private / Undetected edition , contact me for more information
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Alive and available all time :) posted by Princeali on February 24th 2011
Hello , people you didn't hear from me in public since long time , i am still active however i am only developing private projects aside with my real life Job , Bandook was and still under development since 6 years and its a version 1.4 and available as private version only with many additions , many other special projects are also available , just letting u know i will still be here , too bad we wont have any public project for now.
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News from the dead posted by caesar2k on February 9th 2011
Damn, a lot of time went by. Have been offline a lot lately, but looks like I'm back, but, for some people, with bad news.
I have zero motivation (money isn't a motivation) for win32/x64 programming anymore. After I started coding in web languages, like PHP, Ruby and Flash ActionScript, I lost all interest in windows programming. What would take months to be accomplished in Windows programming, takes a couple of days (or hours depending on the complexity of the project) in a web scripting language, and it's cross platform, without having to worry about different versions, if x64 or x86, etc.
What does this mean? It means, finally, that I'm officially dropping my public projects, I don't have the will to rebuild, retouch, thousands of lines of old code, in case of Nuclear RAT 3.0, 133k lines of code, of client and server combined. Or understand the x64 PE format, or learn about the new rootkit methods, "firewall bypass" methods, code injection, etc. I might create and release, someday, a new approach on trojanning, like I mentioned in some earlier news, using Flash or another mashup of technologies that allow remote administration without all the hassle of win32 programming, but I'm not promising anything. Nuclear RAT 3.0 is sitting there, on it's folder, broken and rendered useless since I started recoding the whole project, 2 years ago. It's hard to let a 5 year project, go. Seed 2.0 is also sitting there, broken. Took me web development to learn version control, Git/SVN that is, otherwise it wouldn't have happened I guess.
To everybody that emailed me (a couple of hundreds unread and unanswered emails), I will try to reply them all, those who emailed me in English/Portuguese of course.
The site will still be online, I will try to answer emails, with any questions that any of you might have regarding this, whenever I can, but I cannot also promise a prompt reply.
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Xmas Discounts on Bandook posted by Princeali on December 2nd 2009
Greetings everybody , it has been a long time since i posted here , however i would like to take the opportunity to announce discounts on Bandook 1.37 Private editions (VIP , VIP Plus , Business)during this month , the offer is valid only until the new year , i would like also to let u know that i will have a new program released on new year , i will leave it as a surprise for u guys ,i wish all u all a merry Christmas and happy new year from now :)
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What?! posted by caesar2k on November 4th 2009
Don't panic, NR 3.0 decreased the "%" done because I've decided to redo to a more flexible and reliable data communication (without using text), and to take advantage of traffic compression. I'm reusing most of memory possible, the opposite from version 2.1, that copy all data everywhere, everytime. That's one reason because (after years of programming) you realize using text for communication is bad! Another thing, I've removed the programs that will never be completed, because either the coder died or the project won't just never be completed, some mine as well.
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Complete Incompatibility posted by caesar2k on October 27th 2009
Ok, I was trying really hard to keep backward compatibility with version 2.1, but I freaked out and dropped it. The new version 3.0 will be completly non compatible with version 2.1. The reason is simple: when I was coding NR, I was using strings as commands. Strings SUCK big time, so I decided to use binary traffic, that is much faster, and using gzip on text, make it even better, and it was not possible with the current way the commands were handled.
I will keep both versions on the site, in case you need to establish connections to older versions, but I really recomend upgrading your existing 2.1 servers to 3.0, and initially, I will make it able to have the two servers installed on the same machine (2.1 and 3.0) so no conflicts will happen, alright?
Since I don't have the forums for any realtime feedback, I created a twitter, you may follow NWC at nukewintercrew (why didn't I did this before???)
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Adobe AIR + FLEX = Got hooked posted by caesar2k on October 8th 2009
Okay, so I was thinking about cross platform, right. People ask me about a client for MacOSX, Linux, even Windows CE. Java is out of hand, because it's ridiculously slow still, after all these years. It's was when I stumbled with Adobe Flex. This thing is amazing, you can deply a GUI application, in any browser, only using the Flash plugin! Now that's the perfect case for a cross platform development! And for my even greater amusement, Adobe AIR makes you able to create standalone desktop versions of the same deployed GUI that you see on the browser... now that's just, *almost*, flawless. The only issue was the GUI responsiveness, really slow, it appeared that I was using KDE on Debian (no hating). Mouse movement a bit skippy, and the GUI sometimes won't tell you that it's waiting, no 'hourglass' or anything. But the idea of making something pretty, pluginabble, and cross platform, made me almost lost my night of sleep, seriously.
The possibilities are extended to any Flash capable browser. At last, and not as a memory hog like Java, and the complicated jars, structures, and configuration files. Plain and simple, and with possibility to synchronize with a master database automatically, when online, and being able to work offline. Don't be surprise if I come up with something AIR + Flex related soon lol!
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Back at full speed (and time) posted by caesar2k on September 11th 2009
I'm free now, to continue developing Nuclear RAT and other programs at last. I've decided to quit my job to continue working on my programs, and that's how it's going to be from now on! Just to let you guys out there know about it. If it's a big issue for you all or not, I cannot tell, but it is for me!
I will try to bring the forums back, the problem is I've lost the backups, the forums will have to come back empty... don't know how this happened, but since the last hosting fiasco, the entire database was wiped out. Oh well, nothing much lost, just 4 years of messages and help from the community (fuck!)
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Nuclear RAT + Vista / 7 Support posted by caesar2k on May 31st 2009
I would like to receive report from people that are currently using Nuclear RAT 2.1 on Vista and Windows 7 machines. I don't know if NR currently works stable enough on Vista and Windows 7, and since I have no way to measure that, I would like some feedback. I think it's time, for the next release, to fully comply with Vista and 7, since it's the majority now, along with XP SP3.
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Bandook Scams [Warning] posted by Princeali on May 20th 2009
a Lot of people have reported that some Scammers are selling detected Bandook copies , i would like to note that Bandook private copies are at version 1.37 now , and can be only bought from me directly , so don't fall for their scams .

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Life reality bitchslap posted by caesar2k on May 7th 2009
Ok, a lot of people is constantly emailing me asking me when the new version of Nuclear RAT will be ready. My answer is, I don't know.
Currently, my life is turned upside down. I'm having to do two work shifts to help paying the bills here, since I'm the only family provider at the moment, and got 3 people to care for. Please BARE with me people, I'm dying to finish this program, but it's nearly impossible right now. Don't worry, the new version will be worth the wait, ok?
On my current work, I've learned a LOT, and I will put all my gained experience into the new NR. But please, be patient. It's a large project (around 100k lines), has 6 years of story, so I must only IMPROVE it, instead of break or develop something worse than the actual version.
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People being scammed posted by caesar2k on April 5th 2009
Some people are emailing me saying that "bought" programs from me and they don't work. I get at least 3 or 4 emails like this per week. If you ever bought anything from Nuclear Winter Crew outside this website, like Nuclear RAT, Bandook, Seed, Inspiration, anything at all, you've been scammed. I don't know how people fall for it, since this website has been up for so long, it's a matter of searching Google with the program name. Also, emailing me saying that you were scammed won't help at all, I might just ignore your email ok?
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Forums are up posted by caesar2k on February 19th 2009
Forums are up again, reach it through the "Community" menu above ;)
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HDD Crash posted by caesar2k on February 9th 2009
When you think it won't happen to you, it happens. I was just talking to my boss about backups and how important they are. Guess what, I didn't had a recent backup when my HDD died last week. I couldn't gather the data in it, had to send them to them "recovery experts" since the contents of the HDD is irrecognizable, with a bunch of meanless dates (like 01-01-1915) and filenames as [~´rgcs~er´t~saér, and of course, wouldn't boot to Windows.
If you have work done, and you praise for your data, backup... I feel like a dumbass now, but I had to expose it somehow.
Now the good thing is, I HAVE a backup of NR sources, and it's intact and recent, I'm just using a really low end computer right now, that got windows 98 and 64MB of RAM, using internet explorer 4. Isn't it beautiful? No work until I get my data back, and my new HD and system build (it was about time).
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Nuclear RAT follow up posted by caesar2k on December 31st 2008
Well well, I wouldn't think would be so hard to migrate to the new component. It's being worth it though. Its much faster, robust and uses much less memory for a big listing of anything, be it registry keys, folders or processes/modules. Managing to keep it as low as 12MB RAM usage! And improving support for Vista as well.
I can't really tell a date yet, but it's BEING WORKED ON, slowly because of holidays, but it is.
Also, I would like to thank our forum hoster, that's bringing NWC forums back again. A new year with new stuff is always good! Let's keep the contact, feedback and eveything on the new forums, going online on the next days.
Like Princeali said, happy new year and that your wishes and goals become reality.
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year posted by Princeali on December 25th 2008
Year 2008 has quickly passed and we are thankful for all the support that has made it possible for us to achieve our success. As we approach the holiday season, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your families a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.
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sockets & NR posted by caesar2k on November 10th 2008
Hello people. I'm remaking some parts of Nuclear RAT, that's the reason it's taking so long. I've found out about a new component, called TVirtualStringTree and I had to make the "move" to this component, it's simply awesome. I'm going to give the new NR out to a few people to test, then I will release it. Hopefully it will be "stabler" than ever.
And also, sockets will be releasing a new program under NWC flag, called stealthfx, you may check the development state on the development page. And I will release a small program too soon, in between the inter-break of NR coding and work!
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Bandook dedicated site soon posted by Princeali on September 25th 2008
Bandook is still under development , the Official release of 1.36 is very soon , in the meanwhile i have been working on a dedicated site for Bandook which will contain mainly a customer portal where customers will be able to get the best support from it , and they will be able to get latest versions and news through it , please note that Bandook is still and will always be a NWC Product , and the site will be opened only to give a better support for private versions customers .

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Forums posted by caesar2k on August 10th 2008
Sorry for the downtime of the forum. I'm installing the new IPB from scratch, so the forum will look pretty much dull at first, no skins and such. I'm having to do this because the last modifications on the server led me to shutdown the whole forum, so it's safer to start from scratch. Even though, I think Nuclear RAT will be ready first than the forums...
I think this is like the 10th time I have to reinstall the forums, in like, 5 years. That's just too much...
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Great news for upcoming semester! posted by caesar2k on May 29th 2008
Hey all. I've been a little off the site because of university. Next semester I will take 6 months off, and I will try to finish, update and release the more programs I can! This is my goal for the next semester, starting at August. I plan on finishing the programs that are on the Development section of the site, an upgrade on Nuclear RAT (version 2.2!) and even Seed will have a revamp ;D
Since 2006, my course has leeched my time for programming, but I hope the next semester will be a lot different from what's been happening! And I hope you guys like the new improvements and releases as well. Some programs are even not listed in the development section, to be released as a surprise ;)
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Greetings posted by Princeali on January 22nd 2008
Hello everyone, we are still active, lots of products will be released and updated soon, as for now please note that Nuclear Winter Crew forums has been expanded into a larger community where everyone can share knowledges, releases and more, please take some time to visit and join and contribute HERE
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New site posted by caesar2k on January 19th 2008
Finally the new site is up. Better looking, more organized, with permalinks for sections, downloads, screenshots, articles and news! Help spread the word social bookmarking the site, the more the merrier! Also check the support section for more ways to help NWC!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! posted by caesar2k on December 29th 2007
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all the users that keep NWC alive! The best wishes from the NWC to everyone.
The forums have been revamped, be active and visit Let's make the community grow!
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Forums up and plugins posted by caesar2k on December 6th 2007
The forums are up, at the same URL!
Another important note, I've made a new page with the language files and plugins for Nuclear RAT, check it on the Nuclear RAT download page! (At the bottom)
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Translators Needed! posted by Princeali on September 23rd 2007
I need Chinese and Japanese translators for the new Bandook, if you are willing to translate please email me.
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Nuclear RAT posted by caesar2k on August 16th 2007
Ok, since Nuclear RAT 2.1.0 has been released, I have worked on the bugs that people have pointed me. A lot of plugins has been released, check the forums. There are already three language files on the forums for downloading (Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Dutch).
Visit the forums to either have your questions answered, or to download language files or plugins ;D
The plugin SDK is on forums as well, just download it and if you want, post it on the forums! More plugins the merrier as always ;D
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Translators needed! posted by Princeali on August 6th 2007
Bandook 1.36 supports Unicode (Arabic,Japenese,ect..) since months, however a few weeks ago I decided to make the client support multi languages, arabic Translation is done. However, I still need translators from all other languages specially german, french, italian and any other, if you have some free time and willing to finish the translation fast contact me.
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Passworded Downloads posted by caesar2k on May 6th 2007
Didn't think we would have to reach this point, but the host did. We now have to password protect the downloads (zip or rar files) because of the AV from the host catching the uploaded files and deleting them before they are posted on the website. From now on, the new downloads will have a password, that will be the default ALWAYS: NWC
Simple, short and easy to remember. So if you download something and its password protected, just use that password ;)
Also, visit the Support section if you wanna help us in any way.
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Bandook Rat v1.35 posted by Princeali on April 1st 2007
Oh right! It's here, to tell you the truth I didn't want to release before reaching v1.4, but I guess some stupid person leaked his private copy so I said why not release v1.35 to the public. This way I can get a public test to make it better in future versions, so guys enjoy Bandook v1.35 available now at the products section, private copies are still available and will be private (v1.36 now)
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New Year and Xmass posted by Princeali on December 25th 2006
We at Nuclear Winter crew would like to wish all of you and your families and friends a merry christmas and a happy new year, God bless our souls in those special days.
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Pretator v1.6 posted by oHawko on January 6th 2006
Just released a "in between" version of The Pretator. Some bugs fixed, some GUI Changes and an Icon Stealer are added to this release. You'll find the version 1.6 in our Products area. Pretator v2.0 should be finished soon, so stay tuned for new features and functions.
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