Nuclear Password Storage v0.3
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  • Princeali
  • June 1st 2005
  • 9090
  • 833.53KB
  • Delphi
  • Keyloggers | Password Stealers
  • Windows 9x, NT, 2K, XP, Vista
Nuclear Password Storage is a safe password storage utility, with a combination of BlowFish Cipher and SHA512 hashes using your own key.
It can store your usernames / passwords, links (visit option too), notes (with an alarm system), encrypt/decrypt files .
NPS allow you handling your data easilly, using multiple secure methods, via copy to clipboard for some specified time, send direclty to the application and a new method which is paste directly to app (most secure), keyloggers won't be able to track your data, for paranoid people NPS allow loading the data list via a virtual keyboard.
A new feature NPS brings is the ability to create a secure virtual desktop which you can switch it, keyloggers / pass stealers won't be able to log any key, trojans won't be able to get a screenshot of the Virtual Desktop .
NPS register .nps files so you can Open them Automaticly with it
NPS include lots of other options, a help manual, read it well and make your life easier.

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