Maple Story Damage Calculator 1.1
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  • caesar2k
  • November 1st 2005
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  • Delphi
  • Hacking Tools | Prank tools
  • Windows 32bits
This little utility will help you to figure out what will be the best for your character on a higher level or whatever. You can see how much damage you will be able to inflict on a monster, for all classes. Note: All classes (weapons) are for warriors too, because they don't have anything else that would need to count as a separated class, they just hit and kill =)
This version got an accuracy calculator, should help to know when you will be able to hit a monster! To get the information you need, like monster avoidability, weapon and magic defense, take a look at Hidden Street website. Use the windows calculator to check out the damage done with skills, that you will need to calculate by yourself, eg.: Critical Shot (200%) of your min and max damage given by this tool :)
Or power strike, so you can know your new damage range, and even aflict it on the monster.