Nuclear Rootkit 1.0
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  • Princeali
  • December 26th 2005
  • 9730
  • 531.09KB
  • Delphi
  • Windows Stealth | Hacker Protection
  • Windows NT, 2K, XP
This rootkit perfom a user level hook on certain APIs, allowing you to hide or modify some items on the NT based OS (NT/2000/XP/2K3)
Features / benefits
  • Hide process(es) totally from the task manager
  • Hide directory(s) or file(s) from windows explorer
  • Hide Registry value(s) from the registry editor and MSConfig
  • Hide connections on / though any port(s)/ protocol(s) in netstat
  • Hide modules in specific processes from any module explorer
  • Block explorer from executing a list of applications
  • Block applications from connecting to any host
  • Protect directory(s) or file(s) from being deleted / renamed / moved